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Atomstack Pro + Air assist kit

Atomstack Pro + Air assist kit

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This is a great Kit that can greatly enhance your laser engravings, it is comprised of 3d printed carbon fiber polycarbonate parts we designed and engineered to be easy to install 
no technical skills are needed.
note this does not come with a compressor.

Super simple to install with no janky modifications to your laser!!  

 you can install it in under 5 minutes with no tools other than a pair of tweezers and an Allen wrench (not included)
air guide is angled in a way to blow any debris out of the path of the laser.

What's included
1 nozzle assist replacement cone (Replaces Stock)
2 4mm hose couplers
1 coupler mount
1 m5 x 60mm Height adjustment screw (Replaces Stock)
10 zip ties
24 inches of extra 4mm hose to give enough to attach your compressor 
1 instruction with photos on installation.

We highly recommend 3psi of air pressure, but results may vary according to air pressure. 
it's beneficial to use on everything

Do not use laser un-attended this cone is not metal and can cut or engrave with no time limits 
Just like with a stock cone we are working with lasers that can cause fire and we are not responsible as this is only a cone that does not affect if a fire from the laser is created, follow the rules and don't cut unattended and most of all have fun with this as it will greatly improve your results and save you the cleanup
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