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Fits FX Wildcat MKIII

Fits FX Wildcat MKIII

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Fx Impact M3 Band For aftermarket carbon fiber shroud or barrel tensioner  20.15mm and 62mm tank check measurements.

This is a 3D-printed barrel band Powered by Fiberlogy PA12+CF15 Stranded material, 100% fill and solid Dont settle for lesser materials like petg-cf, pla when you need the best.
includes barrel band and m3 Allen head screw and nut to affix.

If you are looking for a way to improve the accuracy and stability of your air rifle, you might want to consider installing a barrel band. A barrel band is a device that clamps around the barrel and the air cylinder of your air rifle, providing support and alignment. A barrel band can help prevent barrel droop, which is a common problem with some air rifles that can affect the point of impact and the scope adjustment. A barrel band can also help with harmonic balance, which is the vibration of the barrel caused by the air pressure and the pellet. A barrel band can reduce the harmonic effects and make your shots more consistent.

It is designed to fit over the barrel and air cylinder of your air rifle and slide to the desired position. 
To install this barrel band, you need to follow these instructions:

- From split gently open and slide to the desired position over the barrel and air cylinder.
- Insert the M3 screw and tighten it down to snug (the nut is affixed to aid in installation) just until the screw reaches the end of the nut.
- Do not over-tighten or stretch the barrel band beyond its limits, as this may damage it or scratch the barrel shroud.
- Enjoy your improved shooting performance!

Please note that this product is intended for air rifles only, and it does not include the air rifle pictured in the demonstration. You will receive only the barrel band and the M3 mounting hardware. All items are individually made and checked before shipment, and they are sanitized for your safety. 
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