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Fits Picatinny Power Bank Mount For Anker Powercore 5000

Fits Picatinny Power Bank Mount For Anker Powercore 5000

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Please note it will not fit all picatinny must have clear path to slide as it is slide on and friction fit.

If you are looking for a convenient way to mount your power core on your picatinny rail, you might be interested in our friction fit power core mount. This mount is designed to work with any digital scope that supports external power options, such as the sightmark wraith.

The mount is 3d printed in Powered by Fiberlogy PA12+CF15 stranded, which is very durable and lightweight. It has a 100% fill and solid structure for maximum strength. The mount includes a barrel band and an m3 Allen head screw and nut to secure it on your picatinny rail.

The power core mount is compatible with the anker powercore 5000, which is an affordable and reliable power extender option for your digital scope. The mount allows you to easily attach and detach your power core without any hassle.

Please note that this product is only the mount, not the power core, air rifle, scope or battery. You will need to purchase those separately. The pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

We have tested our product extensively and we guarantee its quality and performance. However, please do not overstretch or abuse the material beyond its limits, as it may break or damage your equipment.

We ship our products individually and sanitize them before shipment. We also offer a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
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